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Dennis conducts his inspections as if he himself was the future buyer of the property. The customer must accompany him during the inspection in order to obtain answers to any questions he may have. An inspection may take from 1½ to 3½ hours depending on the size of the property. It is a visual inspection according to the Standard of Practice of the AIBQ in order to provide the client with the information needed to gain a better understanding of the condition of the building described in the inspection service agreement, as observed at the time of inspection. He visually observes and reports on the physical condition of the readily accessible installed systems and components which are:

  •  1) structural components

  •  2) exterior

  •  3) roofing

  •  4) plumbing

  •  5) electricity

  •  6) plumbing

  •  7) air conditioning and heat pump

  •  8) interior

  •  9) insulation

  • 10) ventilation

  • 11) occupant's safety

Because the Standard of Practice does not cover technically exhaustive inspections, the inspector must recommend an expertise by a specialist when a sufficient number of clues leads him to suspect that a potentially major deficiency or defect exists in one of the building’s systems or components. There are situations also where the inspector may give information to the owner to help him take preventative measures himself in order to avoid major repairs later.

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